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An Open Letter to the Executive Producers and Writers of Arrow:

“She was my sister. I couldn’t be angry because she was dead. I couldn’t grieve because I was so angry.” - Dinah Laurel Lance, 1x01

There is no better way to describe how countless viewers felt as they finished watching Arrow’s season three premiere, “The Calm.” That’s what happens when the writers of your favorite show quietly murder their canonically bisexual female hero.

We find it hard to believe that when you all sat down to decide the direction this season would go, that you imagined how the fans would take you murdering Sara Lance. If you had paused to consider it, we doubt we would be writing this letter.

Thank you to themuslimbarbie s4karuna absentlyabbie and freaoscanlin. You are all incredible and I am blessed to know you.

cut off one head,

t w o more shall grow in its place.

then i guess we’ll keep cutting them off.

i must confess: i’m in love with my own sins

ace of spades: emotional conflict, obsession, death.

“sometimes i feel like an asshole for flat out refusing and having no interest in media that does not have prominent female characters or (potential) lesbian main/subtext, but then i remember for roughly two decades i’ve been force-fed heteronormativity in literally all corners of media and haahaHA oh yea i’m not the asshole” — i’m a hit not a missus:   (via fairytalelogic)